CNTV (Chinese News TV) 菲 中 新 闻 台

The first ever, trilingual Filipino-Chinese News Program.It is the  journey to promote  Filipino-Chinese culture and keep the public informed on current events both in the Philippines and abroad.

CNTV will be the first news program that will be regularly reporting Philippine headlines in Mandarin Chinese. It will also report International headlines using Mandarin as the principal language, with English and Filipino as supporting languages.

Coming this October, CNTV will start airing every Monday to Friday at 7:00-7:30 AM on NET 25. The target audiences are Fil-Chi entrepreneurs, parents, and families who check the news every morning before they start their day.

CNTV  would like to encourage the youth to make watching the morning news their habit, as well as become an avenue for Filipinos who are interested to learn more about Chinese news and culture.

Being a 30-minute news show, they aim to deliver concise and factual headlines both locally and globally, in a language and medium that addresses the Filipino-Chinese community.

News anchors will include Chinatown TV hosts Candice Tan, Wesley Chua, Monica Shi, as well as Demry Cheng, Ricky Sun, Jin Chen, Michelle Pan, etc.

Their mission is to further the intercultural friendship of the Fil-Chi, broaden the people’s knowledge and understanding of current affairs and cultural events, spread the “One Belt One Road” advocacy, and encourage both locals and Chinese expats in learning Mandarin.

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