KontrAdiksyon: a star studded film about Contradictions and Addiction

Bell Films “KontrAdiksyon” is one of the biggest films of the year in terms of powerhouse cast it boasts.

From Jake Cuenca to Kris Bernal, the massive supporting cast also include Katrina Halili, Ritz Azul, Paolo Paraiso, Arnold Reyes, Elizabeth Oropesa. Odette Khan to name a few. But critically, what’s so remarkable about the film is the absence of a clear protagonist and antagonist. In the full length feature, Palanca Award wining writer/director, Njel de Mesa seems to have woven a tale without a clear cut hero of villain. Yet despite this novel idea of pitting all opposing views on the current drug war in a singular film, he hopes to captivate enthrall, excite and even possibly, disturb the audiences with a delicate premise which may arguably be already controversial.

Set to open on June 26,2019 only in cinema nationwide, the film seems to have piqued the interest of even the president – who, ironically, is being plagued with criticisms and an impending investigation from the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council). Albeit that it is marketed primarily as a natural genre film that is both action and drama, the film also has a dash of light hearted moments with humor and romance.

Also expect an epic story that sprawls all over Metro Manila, while being delighted with surprise appearances from other celebrities and public figures sprinkled throughout the film. Bell Films have obviously heard the huge clamor of the public for new and refreshing stories to be told on the silver screen so it seems that this was already one of theĀ  movies that were due to public demand from the get go.



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