Acclaimed as the biggest building and construction expo in the country for over 2 decades, PHILCONSTRUCT became the gateway to the booming of Philippines’ domestic construction development. The event was unveiled in the WTC FRONT TENT of the World Trade Center of the Philippines on November 7-11, 2019. As the demand for building materials are rising, the country has made great efforts to strengthen its domestic construction to cope up with the demands. This exhibition attracts buyers from many countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions. Multiple forums are held during this show and according to the organizers, the people who come to this show are construction engineers, real estate developers, designers, decoration companies, and building materials associations.

Aiming to expand their market in the Philippines, the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang in the country together with the Philippine Global-Link Exhibition Company invited Mr. Xie Kang, Chairman of the Philippines Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, officials from the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of China in the Philippines, together with 89 well-known enterprises from Zhejiang to participate with a total of 100 booths to participate in the Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition. Well-known enterprises include Hangzhou Superstar Technology Co., Ltd., Yonggao Co., Ltd. The company, Zhejiang Pujiang Meihua Lock Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Shuaikang Electric Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Mooresu Sanitary Equipment Co., Ltd. and other large export enterprises will also come to the exhibition.

Exhibitors at the Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition being interviewed by the media.

Living up to their slogan “Zhejiang made, all need” which means know the needs and provide the right products, this exhibition will yield a dynamic communication platform which in turn provide buyers the quality products they need that will sustain development and play a role on the Philippines’ brighter future.

Following the steps of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, on November 7th, the Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition (Philippines Manila) 2019 was held at the World Trade Center, welcoming all the visitors with a cheerful opening ceremony and a lively lion dance show.

Lion Dancers at the Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition.
The Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province is very optimistic about the bright future of the Philippines and is supportive of Zhejiang enterprises to explore the Philippines market. Adheres to “Zhejiang Made, All Need” as always, Zhejiang exhibitors will bring more cost-effective products to the Philippines especially for real estate developers and domestic importers, to further promote win-win economic ties between the two countries.

Booths at the Zhejiang International Trade Exhibition: Woximiller, Zhejiang Kende Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd, Shaoxing Minmetals Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd and Taizhou Luqiao Joyhoo Sanitary Ware Factory

Zhejiang Enterprises have already contacted local companies in the Philippines, with the exhibition providing them with further exchange opportunities. Moreover, the trading environment is safer, and the procedures of international trading are more efficient that’s why they will focus on the Philippine market in the next few years.

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