Casa de Memoria auctions

Exquisite oil paintings by revered Spanish artist Betsy Westendorp de Brias titled, “Crystal Palace,”  and “Summer Nights,” fetched a total price of over Php3 million at Casa de Memoria’s inaugural online sale, titled Primero and Segundo.

The successful two-day virtual event marked the auction house’s fourth anniversary and was held for the benefit of Sta. Ana Hospital to help COVID-19 patients.

Aside from the inspired paintings, religious iconographies were also among the top-selling lots during the auction, with four lots collectively raking in over Php 1.3 million. Some highlights among the ecclesiastical art at the auctions were a painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe, another painting titled, “Adoration of The Magi,” a Peruvian portable altarpiece, and a 19th-century oil painting showing the circumcision of Jesus Christ as an infant.

The auction also featured Casa de Memoria’s unrivaled curated selection of antiquities and heirlooms including furniture, jewelry, sculptures, and centerpieces, among many other Euro-Filipino objets d’art.

With these remarkable pieces and more, Casa de Memoria’s Primero and Segundo auctions were truly a celebration of art and charity. Part of the proceeds of the auctions went toward the construction of the Emergency Quarantine Facility (EQF) at the Sta. Ana Hospital, Manila. The EQF, designed by WTA Architecture & Design, will help care for COVID-19 patients.

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