21 Festival Queens introduced at ALIWAN Fiesta 2015

Now on its 13th  year , Aliwan  Fiesta  is presented by Manila broadcasting  company  and the Cultural  Center of the P 

 hilippines , in cooperation  with the Cities of  Manila and  Pasay . About  5000 delegates  representing  various regions will gather  in the metropolis  on April  23-25  to showcase  Filipino  design ingenuity and craftsmanship,  culminating in a  grand parade which will be graced  by their different  21 muses vying  for the title  of festival  queens  on  April 25 at Sotto Street , CCP complex , Pasay city ,  9 PM . But the real draw  is the festival  dance  competition .  Where  provincial  contingents  present  fabulously choreographed  routines in full  costumed glory as they  highlight  the best of  the best in a grand  showdown  for the million – peso  Championship  prize .  There is   Whole day  shoppers bazaar  until tomorrow ,  tonight  is the  Reyna ng Aliwan pageant  competition  awarding  ceremonies will be tom  April 25 ,2015  9 PM  kick off at  quirino grandstand   4 PM  for  Float Parade and  street dance  competition  before the parade  Mayor  Joseph  Ejercito Estrada will deliver the  message . 


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