Shakeys On Your Mobile Phone

Everyone’s always looking to have Good Times and create Great Memories with their  loved  ones.  During  those  moments,  there  is  one  dish  that  everyone absolutely loves and is proven to give even the simplest occasions a cause for celebration – Shakey’s pizza.

Enjoying this delicious experience is made evenbetter by adding their flavor some pasta with a basket of their famous Chicken ‘N’Mojos to go with their mouthwatering pizza. Shakey’s entire menu is composedof all-time favorites that everyone can suddenly crave for anytime, anywhere. 

Shakey’s has timelessly won the hearts and tastes of each passing generation.Their delectable innovations gave new reasons for their Guests to feel excited every time they open a Shakey’s menu with products like the Philly Cheesesteak Pizza that recently have flown off the oven. Whether it be a bonding moment with friends,  romantic  quality  time  with  your  special  someone,  or  a  cause  forcelebration with the whole family, almost everybody has their own Shakey’s story to tell.  I hope they will have a new vegetarian pizza soon ! 🙂

As a brand with their Guests at their core, they have been consistently enhancing their  services to boost experiences. Their  “What’s  The BIG Deal?” delivery promo for example, treats their Guests to a free much-coveted Shakey’s SuperCard.  Through  dialing  77-777  or  logging  on  to, Guests can easily order their Shakey’s favorites to be delivered at the comfort oftheir homes or to a special friend. And, being the innovative Guest-centric brandthat Shakey’s is, they capitalized on convenience and efficiency by bringing the whole  store  at  the  palm of  everyone’s  hands via  The New Shakey’s  App,  a mobile application that everyone can access by downloading the App in PlayStore or App Store..  So whether you dial, click or tap, you can have Shakey’s Time! Anytime, anywhere. 


For  more  than  forty  years,  Shakey’s  has  shared  Good  Times  and  GreatMemories  with  their  beloved  Guests.  Now,  in  the  age  of  technology  andinnovation, Shakey’s has once again proven that it can keep up with the timesand come up with new things for their Guests to love. 



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