Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. has setits sights to redefine the landscape of the motor industry with breakthrough technologythat will challenge the limits of riding lifestyle.

The event is centered on Yamaha’s next-generation engine, The Blue Core. This will bring about a new level of riding enjoymentthat will take over the country; a fusion of maximum performance and fuel economy enabling a superior ride will now be available in the country.

The introduction of this engine is just the start of a new era for the company with aseries of products featuring the Blue Core in town, commuters, racers and hobbyists will have plenty to choose from. First would be a pair of 125 units, one is the Mio i 125with  its  unique  “M”  shape  inspired  design  gives  a  sharply  defined  slim  body  thatcomplements  its  lightness  and  convenient  handling.

It  will  allow  you  to  reinvent yourself by elevating your daily ride into a more exciting and more colorful by making you do more than ever before. The other is a trailblazing concept that will establish adaunting presence, the Mio Soul i 125. It has a bold design that is intimidating on theroad, giving the rider a more confident demeanor on the road  For fans of the MAX series, they were delighted to know about the unveiling of the N-MAX that is built togive great ease, comfort, and power. All three would feature the Blue Core engine.

Last  but  not  the least  would be another  member of  the R-Series.  With  the recent launch of the YZF-R15 in country, the high velocity lifestyle has hit an all time high.Now, an everyday super sport bike has arrived in the form of the YZF-R3 making anyroad just like the race tracks. 


Also featured is the Big Bike category which will become available laterr in the year.The Yamaha Tricity, a marvel that features 2 front wheels that adjusts independently toroad conditions, The R-Series with the YZF-R1, and YZF-R15. The Marine categoryalso made a splash with the Wave Runner and outboard motors, and Power products,generators that will give you the power of tomorrow, today. 


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