RACKS Launches Smoked Spring Chicken


I love chicken with soft meat and I found it at RACKS SM Megamall.  All chicken lovers are in for a lip-smackin’ treat with RACKS’ newest hit, the Smoked Spring Chicken.  The famous restaurant serving flame-grilled falls-off-the-bone ribs has added another all-time barbeque classic that’s perfect for any celebration.

The Smoked Spring Chicken is thoroughly grilled over hickory wood until the meat is so tender, it simply falls off the bone. RACKS chose to use spring chicken because the meat is juicier and absorbs the unique marination and smoking process better. They will serve this grilled piece of heaven with fresh greens and some good ol’ fashioned corn on the cob.  The flavors dance in your mouth with delicious smoky nuances perfectly complemented by RACKS’ newest mayo-based sauce, the Alabama White Sauce. The combination is reminiscent of chill and fun barbeque days with family and friends under the warm summer sun.

It may be over two decades since RACKS first opened its doors in Makati’s Central Business District in 1992, but they continue to deliver the excellent quality of mouthwatering, all-American dishes that customers keep coming back for. Meals such as their famous Onion Brick that turns heads just from the presentation alone, racks of their Baby Ribs or Classic Pork Ribs, and of course, their amazing selection of barbeque sauces whose bottle everyone secretly wants to take home, RACKS’ menu will always be filled with food that will leave everyone with happy memories and satisfied tummies.11

The homey ambience, western style décor and attentive service crew will make you feel like you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones while savoring all the great food on your table.  

Even senior citizens will enjoy RACKS’ Smoked Spring Chicken !

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