Krispy Kreme Powerplant Mall Opens as 64th Branch

There’s a new  “Joy ina Box”! Krispy Kreme is now at the heart of Power Plant Mall’s bustling community in Rockwell Center, Makati City. Having  opened last July10, Krispy Kreme’s Rockwell  store  drew in crowds of doughnut enthusiasts in the area.  

Krispy Kreme fans are in for a sweet adventure as they bite into their favorite Original Glazed doughnut, paired with Krispy Kreme’s freshly brewed signature coffee, or downed with a cool and fruity beverage. They may choose from a colorful selection of sweet and savory treats to be shared with friends and family at the new store at Power Plant Mall. They may even have Krispy Kreme’s premium and fresh doughnuts delivered right to their door step or picked up conveniently at their preferred branch using Krispy Kreme’s mobile app.

The hip and energetic market  of Rockwell Center had the first glimpse of Krispy Kreme’s new store at the brand’s community night last July 9, while a series of activities heighten the excitement level in time for the store’s opening day. “We are very happy to welcome customers to Krispy Kreme’s newest branch located at  the Power Plant Mall   in Rockwell Center. We invite Krispy Kreme fans to drop by, start creating their ‘magic moments’and experience their  own Joy in a Box,” shared Ariane M. Valinton, Marketing Manager of  Krispy Kreme Philippines.

Krispy Kreme recently  announced plans  to expand  in  Baguio  and other  local  key cities before  the  year  ends. Check out to  learn  more  about  the  latest delectable treats from Krispy Kreme.

Visit Krispy Kreme on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook: (KrispyKremePH) and watch out for more promotions. 



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