AFFI’s 1st EntrepRUN to Benefit Young Entrepreneurs

The  Association  of  Filipino  Franchisers  (AFFI  Empowering Entrrepreneurs™) first began helping the business community reach new customers and investors through exhibits  and trade  missions,  communicate  through open  dialogues  and discussions, participate in business matching, learn to professionalize and improve their processes through AFFI  programs,  and  more. 18 years later, the  organization  continues  to  help  emerging  and established entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

1st EntrepRUN: A Run for Success

This year, AFFI are celebrating their triumphs as well as continuing with their advocacy to help young entrepreneurs find solid ground within the business, through the 1st EntrepRUN: A Run for Success. This run will stretch all the way from the Cultural Center of the Philippines on Roxas Boulevard  to  Coastal  mall  in  Parañaque  City,  a  huge  event  designed  to  promote entrepreneurship throughout the country. 

AFFI  calls  it  “more  than  a  fun  run,”  saying  that  the  event  will  showcase  various  business industries and stakeholders to demonstrate solidarity in advocating entrepreneurship. The run will  bring  together  different  trade  organizations,  local  government  units,  and  private corporations, symbolizing how even competitors can run as one in order to promote diversity in the business industry.

The run will be open to all sorts of runners who support AFFI’s goals, whether or not they are entrepreneurs, and it will be held on September 6, 2015, with the program set to begin at 4AM.

Supporting Young Entrepreneurs

Part  of  AFFI’s  goals  in  organizing  this  event  is  to  generate  funds  for  their  corporate  social responsibility program, which aims to help the next generation of young entrepreneurs launch their  business concepts.  The people  at  AFFI  firmly believe that  entrepreneurship  contributes toward alleviating poverty and nation-building by way of a more robust economy.

AFFI intends to serve as the mentor to young entrepreneurs as they strive to succeed in the business industry. Some of the proceeds will go to Go Negosyo’s Building Enterprising Students for  Tomorrow (BEST)  program, which will   selected students  with the seed capital  to launch their business concepts.

Proceeds will also go toward AFFI’s Seminars and Business Clinic, which conducts learning events such as Entrepreneurship Seminars that educate the public on how to start a small business.AFFI  conducts  over  100  of  these  seminars  throughout  the  year,  with  the  help  of  seasoned entrepreneurs willing to share their expertise and top tips.

Activities at the EntrepRUN

Running isn’t all  you can do at  EntrepRUN. The event will  feature a festival  area,  which will showcase partners’ brands and include booths where AFFI partners will be able to share samples of  their  products  or  even  sell  them  outright  as  well  as  share  flyers,  brochures,  and  other information about their businesses.

Following the run are Breakfast Mentoring Sessions, which include four sets of seminars open tothe  runners,  so they  can  improve  their  knowledge and be encouraged to  set  up their  own businesses or franchises. The topics include: Right Franchise for You, Franchise Your Business, Entrepreneurship 101, Winning Sales Strategies.

AFFI also supports the balance of business, health, and family through the run. They hope this event will promote a healthy lifestyle among entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity toliterally run great distances for their businesses. Plus, this is a family-friendly event, as 50 fun mascots will be participating in the 3K Kids Run.

The 1st EntrepRUN: A Run for Success will be held on Sunday, September 6. The program starts at4AM at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and the finish line can be found at Coastal mall in Parañaque City.

The run is  sponsored by Entrepreneur Magazine,  Go Negosyo ,  Blue Water Day Spa,  SeaOil, Vcargo, Farmacia Ni Dok, Center for Pop, Crave Chicharon, EC Gas, Fiorgelato,  Garmin, HappyHaus Donuts, Lots’ A Pizza, Nail It!, The Generics Pharmacy, Acquasuisse, Ferino’s Bibingka, GotoKing,  Ink  All  You  Can,  Reyes  Barbecue,   Yuxin,  Abrea  Consulting  Group  ,  CSR  Philippines,Department  of  Trade  and  Industry,  FINEX  Foundation,  IntellectualProperty  Office,  National Reintegration  Center  for  OFW’s,   ,  BusinessMirror,   BusinessWorld,  BusinessWorldWeekender, Chinoy TV, Franchise, Igers Manila, Light Network, Malaya Business Insight,The  Manila  times,  The  Manila  Bulletin,  MoneySense  Magazine,,  RadyoNegosyo, Travelife Magazine, View Magazine, Whenin, BPI Ka-negosyo, Meralco Biz,Generika  Drugstore,   Pilipinas  911,  Affinitea,  Big  Apple  Express  Spa,  Mercato,  Mizuno,  SMTickets, Aquabest, Crystal Clear, Pocari Sweat, Water Boy and Ipay88.

Congratulations  AFFI for yours 1st  EntrepRUN ! 



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