Pay What You Want to Pay for Coffee

I went to Eastwood mall the other day and I tried a newly opened coffee shop called Recession Coffee. It is quite different because their are many gadgets inside plus you can pay any amount for the coffee.

Since  opening  their  first  futuristic  and  pop-art  inspired  store  in  2004,  Digital Walker set the bar for industrial class and fashion forward digital accessorizing.The aim has been to gear today’s technocrats up with hip, quality, and trailblazing tech accessories so they may walk into the future, ready to get their geek on in super style. Offering a slew of noteworthy music headgear, portable speakers,gizmo guards and a few cult loved gadgets, the true tech-savvy and social geek won’t have to think twice about a single purchase.

Pushing the envelope further, the much loved gadget accessory store recently unveiled a new twist in their Eastwood Mall location: Recession Coffee by Digital Walker.  Truly  a  coffee  lover’s  dream in  the  heart  of  Eastwood City,  the  cafe shares its space with the fun and funky tech store, and have worked closely with the EDSA beverage design group to provide their patrons with the best cup of coffee at whatever price they wish to pay. Yes, it’s a pay-what-you-want café.

Coffee  enthusiasts  and  purists  alike  can  now  have  excellent  coffee  brews .Choosing from a list of Espressos, for example, one may try the aptly named beans  “Dark  Matter  Theory.”  For  the  pour  over  coffee  enthusiasts,  a  choice selection  of  Panama  Carmen  Estate,  Ethiopia  Sidamo  Guji  Suke  Quto,  and Kenya Wakulima grinds are available for discerning coffee-geek connoisseurs to analyze. Pair the cup with colorful,  delectable confectionery offerings by Chef Miko Aspiras – or four. They’re delicious.

Visit  the first branch of Recession Coffee by Digital  Walker from the hours of 11am  to  10pm  at  the  4th floor  of  Eastwood  Mall,  1880  Eastwood  Building,Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood City, Quezon City. For live updates, follow them on Instagram and Twitter with handle @digitalkwalkerph, or, like them on Facebookat,  and  track  them  with  hashtags#digitalwalker and #recessioncoffee


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