Launch Of Fujisan Solar And Wind Energy Corporation

IT (WIT) Philippines,  Inc.,  has  forged  an  alliance  with  Japan-based  solar  and  wind  energy developer Eguchi Holdings Co., Ltd. for the launch of Fujisan Solar and Wind Energy Corporation,,  a new company that  aims to  develop the country’s  sustainable energy sources and provide the most advanced emergency communication technologies for Filipinos.

Mr. Joseph Maddatu, COO of We Are IT Philippines ,Inc.  (WIT) said  “Eguchi  Holdings, a company that shares our vision to provide effective and sustainable ways to drive economic growth in our respective countries. As we join forces and merge our expertise, we hope to come up with solutions that can help achieve a better and cleaner Philippines, and improve communications and emergency response during disaster and calamities.” 

“The Philippines has always been blessed with an abundance of solar power and the country is ready to harness this source of renewable energy. There is now a high levelof awareness and appreciation of the advantages of sustainable solar energy. Thus, this is the perfect time to share our company’s expertise with Filipinos all over the country, to help provide them with clean, sustainable source of energy,” says Katsuyoshi Eguchi, President of Eguchi Holdings Co. Ltd.

The large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source ofelectricity.  The  United  Nations  Development  Programme  in  its  2000  World  Energy Assessment  found  that  the  annual  potential  of  solar  energy  was  1,575–49,387 exajoules (EJ). This is several times larger than the total world energy consumption, which was 559.8 EJ in 2012.

Solar  power  is  the  conversion  of  sunlight  into  electricity,  either  directly  using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP). It is anticipatedto become the world’s  largest source of electricity by 2050, with solar photovoltaics and concentrated  solar  power  contributing  16  and  11  percent  to  the  global  over all consumption, respectively.

“The new company promises to contribute a brighter future to Filipinos as it plans to invest in building solar power farms and plants in the country to generate clean and non-polluting  power  to  light  up  homes  and  fuel industries that  will  drive  further  the country’s economic growth.” says Jay Maddatu, Project Director of Fujisan.

Fujisan will  be bringing solar  panels certified by  superior  Japanese technology and workmanship that ensures advanced aesthetics and high efficiency. 

WIT through Fujisan is also introducing the country’s first fully outsourced and managed emergency response and communication vehicle called WIT’s Emergency Response Vehicles (WERV). This vehicle fills in the need for communication in times of nature ldisasters and emergencies. It uses solar panels and diesel fuel for power and can beconnected to share power from the grid.With all the strong typhoons hitting the country, WERV can be fully functional within 15minutes of arrival in the affected area. Even when cell sites are down, WERV can easily provide  communication  and  dispatch  information.  It  carries  cutting  edge  broadband satellite communications, Ultra range Wi-Fi service, HD CCTV, Very High Frequency(VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radios, Video conferencing, Digital Terrestrial Television  (DTT)  broadcast,  Voice  Over  Internet  Protocol  (VOIP),  Public  Switched Telephone  Network  (PSTN)  and  broadcast  HD  quality  video  for  Satellite  NewsGathering. The WERV runs on an Internet Protocol (IP) for wider interoperability.

Emergency situations in businesses and government offices also call for the need of a prompt communication platform. Through WERV, businesses can send out information to customers and government officials can notify the people of what’s going on in the community.

WERV is designed to respond to the needs of business enterprise and government during an emergency by rapidly bringing up triple play communications in as little as 15minutes.

“The birth of Fujisan marks the dawn of a renewed future. Through Fujisan’s renewable eenergy and superior communication technology solutions, we look forward to bringing new investments, better opportunities and better solutions that will improve the lives  of Filipinos all over the country,” says Jose Maddatu, Chairman of Fujisan. 




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