Launch of PLDT Pay Express Van brings bill payment convenience to Manila customers

PLDT now brings the convenience of a mobile payment center to its Manila subscribers.

At first in the industry, the Pay Express Van is a sales and service center (SSC) on wheels where the customary cashiering system found in a payment center is fitted into a mobile truck.Manned by three cashiers at the ready to process transaction, the setup triples the number of cashiers available during days when the volume of paying customers is high serving as an SSC extension.

Mr. Jonel M. Ladaban, PLDT vice-president and head of credit and collection management said “PLDT is dedicated to providing excellent service to the customers. It constantly think of ways on how it can give the best service and the best experience at all times.”

With more cashiers, payment queues and processing times are shortened, making for a better customer experience. On average transaction in the Pay Express Van are done in two or to three minutes. Morover, multiple PLDT accounts for HOME, Alpha and SME may be processed as well.

Majority of PLDT  subscribers nationwide (38%) still prefer to pay through SSCs. Other preferences are through banks(12%), internet (20%), and other payment channels (30%).

The PLDT PAY EXPRESS VAN will be posted in Pasig and Pasay SSCs, the two branches with the highest number of customer traffic during peak dates. 

From then it will be stationed in turn between the PLDT SSC Pasig branch along Bagong Ilog every 1st to the 14th of the month and the PLDT SSC Pasay branch along Harrison every 15th to the 30th of the month.

PLDT Pay Express Van is a joint initiative between PLDT and Customer Frontline Solutions  (CFS), a subsidiary of Meralco and Bayadcenter. 


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