Eat Right , it’s best to watch over your health and wellbeing for 2016!

The Chinese lunar calendar, for 2016 will be a big on health innovations and wellness breakthroughs. Unfortunately, you might have weight issues to deal with as the holiday feasting has left
you with excess fat that does not seem to go away. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy figure is not achieved overnight.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre, a wellness center in Makati that offers a personalized eating plan for safe and medically-supervised weight loss, every individual’s weight and body fat are shaped by multiple factors, including nutrition, genetics, psychology, and environment. While your food consumption and physical activity significantly affect your weight loss or weight gain, you are most likely to achieve and maintain a fit body if you follow a healthy lifestyle throughout the years. 

The following tips for people who are struggling to lose weight:

Eat right, not less. Eating a well-balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins provides you with an adequate amount of calories to meet your nutritional needs, maintains your healthy metabolic rate, helps you stay energized, and keeps you feeling full longer.
 Eat three main meals a day, at the same schedule to manage your appetite and cut down excessive food cravings. However, do not starve yourself. Aside from depriving your body of necessary nutrients, not eating enough can also lead to various health

problems, including hypoglycemia, insomnia and infertility. Under-eating combined with over-exercising in a desperate attempt to lose weight can also cause hormonal changes, which might ironically result in stalled weight loss and body fat retention.
Rehydrate and refuel regularly. Stay hydrated by drinking water often even when you think you are not thirsty. Aside from regulating your body’s temperature and cleansing your body of toxic wastes, water also keeps your metabolism burning. 
Get your daily dose of beauty sleep. You need around 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday to be healthy. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces less insulin, which is a hormone that converts sugar and other food into energy. Consequently, you may feel tired and lazy to do a lot of physical activities throughout the day.
Be active. Physical activities help you burn calories, boost your immune system and lower your stress hormone level. However, do not break your body with intensive workouts, especially if you’re a beginner or if you have health issues, including metabolic disorder. Half an hour of walking a day can be sufficient. 
Follow the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. If you need professional intervention to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, go for a safe and effective weight loss and wellness program, like the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program. Based on international medical research by Dr. Rami Cohen, the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a highly personalized
program which recommends a diet plan based on your unique biochemical profile.
The specialized food plan corrects hormonal imbalances that cause weight gain and revitalizes the body’s natural ability to burn fat rapidly and safely.
Start your weight loss and wellness journey this 2016. Learn more about the Cohen’s Lifestyle Program at or visit on Facebook and on Instagram.

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