The whole Filipino-Chinese community celebrated and welcomed the year of the Fire Monkey with a blast. Celebration filled with traditional practices, putting up Chinese New Year decorations, enjoying family reunions and gatherings, accepting red envelopes, mesmerized by fireworks and eating traditional auspicious food to bring a wonderful and prosperous year. 

The heart of Manila also made its way for the great year, The Manileños collected and celebrated this wonderful annual event in Quirino Grand Stand. And once again the first ever hotel built in Manila lives its tradition to celebrate this significant event, Manila Pavilion Hotel celebrated the Year of the Fire Monkey with its Chinese goodies that offers a special Oriental-themed cuisine at the hotel’s best and well-known restaurant, Seasons. Manila Pavilion is not just a hotel but a landmark that brings the rich and chromatic culture of Manila since the year 1986.

The entire family and group of friends gathered in the hotel lobby before six o’clock in the evening to usher in good health, wealth and full of luck with a mesmerizing traditional Lion and Dragon Dance performance that surely showed the rich Chinese culture, with coin showers, gastronomic Oriental food fest and fireworks that everyone enjoyed.
 Happy guests walked their way to the delightful goodness of Asian cuisine as Manila Pavilion’s Executive Chef Giovanni Sias stirs up the dining experience of each and everyone on his well-staged artfully-prepared  Chinese specialties and its redefining buffet that focuses on freshness and quality that is well-known and has been a tradition and in the business for almost 47 years.
The rich Chinese cuisine is considered as one of the best known Asian
food worldwide. Some of the dishes that pleased the appetite of the guests and surely gave them the luck this year includes Lion’s Head Meatballs that made of giant meatballs, wrapped in a mane of steamed cabbage, “Jiaozi,” the traditional Chinese Dumplings, fruits such as grapes, pomelo and tangerine, greens like spinach, lettuce and cabbage, the well-known sweet dessert, rice flour also known as “Nian Gao” (Tikoy) and of course the favorite long noodles that represent long life. Everyone should celebrate the year of the horse with these food and dishes to surely usher the prosperity, good luck and fortune for the whole year.
Everyone enjoyed and discovered the flairs and flavors of real Chinese goodness with their friends and family at Seasons. The special offering of Chinese buffet at Manila Pavilion Hotel is still available at a special discounted rate.
Visit the Manila Pavilion Hotel at United Nations Avenue corner Maria Orosa Street in Manila. Log on to reservations http://www.waterfronthotels.com.ph or call 5261212, for inquiries and; Like or Follow @WaterfrontMNL for regular updates.

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