7 – Election 2016

The 7-Election 2016, which mainly aims to promote awareness about the coming Philippine Presidential Election, runs in all 7-Eleven stores until May 2. With 7-Eleven’s informal and unofficial presidential poll not vote -counting machines but GULP soft drinks and GULP juices in fun colored GULP cups, you can now promote and support your presidential candidate in a fun way.To participate in this GULP poll, head to any 7-Eleven store, look for the colorful 7-Election cups and choose among the five different presidential GULP cups featuring the presidential candidates: independent candidate Grace Poe, People’s  Reform  Party leader Miriam Defensor Santiago, Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas, PDP-Laban presidentiable Rodrigo Duterte and United Nationalist Alliance bet Jejomar Binay.

But of those who have not yet decide , your voice can still be heard, just pick up the sixth 7-Election GULP cup-the “Undecided” cup and cast your vote, this option shows how many Filipinos are undecided, reflecting the pulse of the nation.

After you’ve made your choice, fill up the cup with either GULP soft drinks or GULP juice, your unofficial vote is cast after the barcode found in every cup is scanned at the cashier.  One (1) scanned barcode equals one (1) vote. After the barcode is scanned, your vote is counted in that weeks’s 7-Election poll. But before you leave the store , make sure to verify your vote through the receipt which will reflect your choice.

7-Eleven Philippines pioneered this fun and unofficial poll in 2010 when it successfully predicted the win of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. The campaign is inspired by 7-Election U.S. which, through the help of 7-Eleven Coffee, accurately predicted the wins of George W. Bush over John Kerry in the 2004 Election and Barack Obama over John McCain in the 2008 Election.

7-Election’s official media partners are Rappler and CNN Philippines.

For more updates, visit the website (www.7-election.com.ph) or follow its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/711philippines), Twitter (www.twitter.com/711philippines) and instagram  @711ph

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