Belo Nightlase turn your sleep from a Snoring Beast to a Sleeping Angel

The Fotona Nightlase is the revolutionary answer to freedom from snoring and hence better sleep. This non-invasive laser treatment reduces the effects of sleep apnea and volume of snoring.Dr. Belo said “If the airways are blocked, the oxygen level in our blood goes down and this prompts the body to wake up. This interrupted sleep have adverse on health, if not addressed properly. Snoring may seem trivial but there are studies have confirmed links to possible health problems like heart ailments”

Nightlase proposes to improve and reduce occurrence of snoring, interrupted sleep and sleep apnea.The treatment is simple, safe and effective. The Erbium: YAG laser is gentle enough to be used on the sensitive tissue   inside the mouth. As we age, gravity pulls the tissues down and when we sleep and lie down, they fall back and block the airways, causing shallow breathings or that sounds you hear at night called snoring. The laser reduces the bulkiness and tightens the  tissue  that causes the vibration contributing to snoring. Treating the soft tissue at the back of the throat helps help patients breathe better while they are sleeping therefore, reducings the effects of sleep apnea.

Snoring is extremely disruption, hazardous to the health of your loved ones who sleep around you. They too suffer from deprived sleep and therefore daytime performance is also affected.

Nightlase is a testament to Belo Medical Group commitment to delivering only the best treatment in the country.


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