Mommy Star discovered by Eden Cheese through social media,

Mommy Star embodies the brand with her fun and cheerful character, love for cooking, and knack for coming up with cheesy delights.

One of the most obvious favorite topics that Mommy Star likes to share on her page and through her blogs is cooking and making sure that meal times are more fun and creative for her daughter. As a  regular working mom who is hooked on social media, Mommy
Star knows the importance of keeping food exciting so kids will always look forward to mealtimes and eat plenty.
.Nikki Paras, Assistant Brand Manager for Eden Cheese Philippines said: they’re  happy they  found Mommy and hope that she will be an inspiration for other mothers to be their own kitchen superstar. They’re very excited about this project and look forward to seeing  everywhere share their own Eden Cheese recipes,”
So mommies, take it from Mommy Star and make meal times extra yummy, extra cheesy, extraordinary for the whole family with Eden  Cheese.
For more cheesy goodness, visit You may also visit for more Eden Cheese recipes.

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