Alcatel Launches ‘Life-Ready’ Smart Devices

Alcatel created the new GO family: the GO PLAY smartphone and its companion, GO WATCH.Alcatel’s GO PLAY and GO WATCH are water-resistant, dustproof, and shockproof. You can roll in the mud, rave at a music festival, even drop your phone from a height of 1.5 meters (yes, it’s drop test certified). Do whatever floats your boat. With the new Alcatel GO devices, it’s all good.

Alcatel GO PLAY
Alcatel GO PLAY

Available in dark red, GO PLAY adds a touch of color to its sporty vibe. It also offers a free waterproof headset so you can enjoy your physical activities, may it be swimming or running, hassle-free. GO PLAY has an SRP of P6,999.

Alcatel GO WATCH
Alcatel GO WATCH!

The GO WATCH is the antithesis of the flimsy, delicate smartwatches in the market today. A perfect companion for GO PLAY’s adventures, the classic white GO WATCH has top functionalities to match its robust, good looks. It has SNS, SMS, emails, calls, and weather notifications.

GO WATCH is 100% customizable with an optional changeable front casing and wristband to match with the user’s smartphone or OOTD. With 2-5 days usage and no special adaptors needed for charging, the GO WATCH is a cost-efficient (SRP: P3,799) no-nonsense, intelligent gear for active users.

Furthermore, the GO WATCH brings a unique experience and lets users hack their emotions. By pressing the GO button to trigger an emotion pulse measurement, an emotional graphic will be created based on the input from the gyroscope, heart rate sensor, and accelerometer.

Alcatel Philippines
Alcatel Philippines

The user can then select a theme that matches his mood the best to create a personalized emotion pulse. Users can instantly share their unique emotion pulse on social networks or even set it as the wallpaper of the GO WATCH.

I love both the Alcatel Go Play and Go Watch!

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