Virgie Cheng On The Go 1st Anniversary!

Today, exactly one year ago, was when I started VirgieChengOnTheGo.Com.Time flew so fast and I have learn a lot about blogging in one year alone.

Honestly I knew nothing about writing and blogging when I started. But through the help of friends, colleagues, and fellow bloggers, I was able to make it.

In fact, I still need a lot of improvements up to this day. There are still a lot to be learned, I’m still a newbie. But one thing is for sure,  my thirst for knowledge and continuous learning  will be pursued.

So, I would like to thank my  readers and PRs who supported me since 2015 up to present. My articles are far from perfect and my stories are not yet that interesting but I promise that I will try my best to improve in this craft called blogging.

Happy 1st Anniversary  to Virgie Cheng On The Go !

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