Freshness reigns supreme at Downy’s ‘Malodor Challenge’

The scent of long lasting freshness reigned supreme as Downy introduced its best fabric softener formulation in a recent media gathering.No less than celebrity Chef JP Anglo together with members of the media joined hands to put Downy’s newest formulation to the ultimate test – an afternoon of cooking and eating dishes famous for their malodor aroma.

The participants wearing aprons eagerly participated in the challenge. Then, Chef JP prepared a few everyday Pinoy dishes with the media. Among the dishes were Grilled Vietnamese Pork Belly and Sizzling Sinigang Fried Chicken with Batwan Gravy, plus the special dish of Grilled Bangus with Talangka & Burong rapped in Banana Leaves.

After enjoying a sumptuous meal, the guests were asked to inspect their aprons for any tough smells particularly food, sweat and smoke. At this stage, that they were told that aprons they were using have been pre-washed using the latest Downy fabric softener. And after checking, they were surprised that the aprons stayed fresh and clean as ever showing Downy’s best ever formula in real action!

According to Louie Morante, Regional Brand Communications Manager for Procter & Gamble ASEAN,  “In Filipinos’ daily lives, they normally face situations or activities resulting to unnoticed bad odors such as body odor, sweat, food smell, smoke, and vehicle exhaust stuck on their clothes. Downy extensively understands our consumers’ concerns and need for fresh scent on their family’s clothes, so we are really delighted to provide them with the best ever formulation of Downy that can help them fight against malodors on their fabrics.”

For Chef JP’s part, he talked about his experiences in dealing with unpleasant odors on clothes. “I work all day in the kitchen and sometimes the exhaust isn’t as effective as I’d like it to be. So naturally I’m exposed to all sorts of smells and more often than not, these smells stick to my clothes all day long. That is why I’ve been on the lookout for something that can help me fight these persistent odors,” he enthuses.

Guests were also entertained by Bianca Gonzalez, who shared her experiences on worrisome odor on clothes and clothing care tips and tricks for long-lasting freshness. “As a mom with an active and busy lifestyle, I encounter a lot of various smells, some of them not so pleasant. The worst part is when they stick to my and my family’s clothes! I try to remove these stubborn odors by using natural remedies like baking powder, but sometimes it needs something more powerful – which is why I always use Downy,” the popular TV host said.

So, get a dose of freshness with the best ever formula from Downy now available in supermarkets nationwide. You can also check out http://www.facebook/downyphilippines or follow the conversation online with the #DownyBoomBoomPow hashtag.


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