Most parents would try to teach their kids the importance of sharing by reading stories about good deeds or by watching educational shows emphasizing on kind gestures, but it is when we get them to practice the act of sharing that will bring out their innate generosity the most.This is how Little Presidents Learning Palace (LPLP), a pre-school education system in San Miguel Manila, immersed their brood of students together with their teachers and parents.

LPLP recently visited Hospicio De San Jose, a Roman Catholic welfare institution in the City of Manila to distribute not just gifts but also to spend quality time and show the foster kids that there are people who value them.

LPLP Vice-President says “It is vital to impart the importance of compassion to our students and let them imbibe this while they’re young , we don’t just ask our students to donate to the less fortunate, we want them to personally hand over the gifts to let them feel the joy of giving”.

“Seeing these kids face light up with joy when they hand over their gifts is priceless. What you get in return is genuine gratitude that will be etched in your memory for a long time” Ms. Co shares further.

Little Presidents’ Mission is to hone these children into being the best citizen of the country through right attitude and upbringing. It also envisions itself to be a globally competitive educational institution that shapes tomorrow’s leaders today.

To know more about Little Presidents Learning Palace and its programs, you may visit , follow them on Facebook  for more updates.




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