Shoppers Find Only the Best at Passionfly Bazaar

Karl Edwards International capped off the love month with its second leg of the “Passionfly Bazaar”. Shoppers spent their weekend enjoying the best deals and sampling tasty treats at The Axon, Green Sun, Makati.With the finest in food, fashion and style, “Passionfly” kept shopaholics on their toes with workshops, contests and other treats, creating a unique fun-filled weekend.

 With over 16 years of experience in organizing one of Manila’s longest running bazaars, Karl Edwards International’s “Passionfly” is determined to offer the  best buys in apparel, shoes, home décor, accessories, food and many more.

“We have been organizing bazaars for years, and we have witnessed the exciting changes in shopping and retail. With social media constantly posting about the latest in fashion accessories or home decor, we make sure that every “Passionfly” weekend is fun and exciting. Our merchants offer item you do not normally find in mall stores,” shares Karl Edward International President Florian Enriquez.

 Featuring some of the best products available on the market, Karl Edwards International’s “Passionfly” collaborates with some of the best licensed sellers and entrepreneurs in the country. They also go the extra mile, by accepting credit cards for a worry-free shopping experience. Curating a unique and upbeat mix of sellers, “Passionfly” delivers quality shopping with convenience and reliability.

 Karl Edwards also invites you to start your summer right with “Passionfly” on March 18-19. Get ahead on the best deals and the latest summer trends!

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