Experience Slurpee Halo-Halo like Never Before

Summer is officially here! The season where endless adventures and exciting getaways are enjoyed with the barkada has finally arrived! But though summer holds the promise of fun and excitement, no one can deny the searing heat that comes with it, especially here in the tropics. Good thing, our favorite kapitbahay has a refreshing surprise for all of us. 7-Eleven is introducing a novel take on a Filipino summer favorite, with its very own Slurpee Halo-Halo! This new way of enjoying the deliciously addictive flavor of halo-halo is the excellent beverage to accompany every road trip or getaway. A must try drink served at a chilling -2°C, Slurpee Halo-Halo is the perfect way to douse the heat of summer!

Slurpee Halo-Halo comes in a limited edition ube flavor, and for as low as ₱10, everyone can finally experience and enjoy a cup of this cool & fizzy drink! To further level up the fun, just shell out an additional ₱15 to get classic halo-halo toppings like saba, langka, monggo, and sago. Simply dispense a cup of Slurpee, head on over to the counter to get your Slurpee toppings, and mix them all together! Slurping up all the halo-halo goodness has never been easier. Enjoy the classic Filipino favorite in its smoothest version ever this summer with the one and only Slurpee Halo-Halo, starting at only ₱25!

Slurpee Halo-Halo is available in selected 7-Eleven stores only, so head over with your barkada to one today!

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