Senior ME Turns into Digital ME (somehow)

It’s not a secret that I am an old grandma, and honestly, learning and getting used to these new technologies can be a
challenge.Crafting this blogpost alone, together with the tags, and social media hashtags can be confusing at times. Thanks to the help of some of my blogger friends who gives me tips on blogging and similar activities.

And a few weeks ago, I got another opportunity to keep up with the advances in today’s technology.


EON and the Digital ME

During my time, we only used bank book. ATM was already a big advancement. Today, Unionbank introduces to us an even more advanced way of doing personal banking – through EON Digital ME which highlights online banking through a secure means with the “Selfie” banking!

Moreover, this EON Card is a Debit Card, which means no minimum balance required, no unnecessary fees, and no penalties.

Moreso, this time around, UnionBank of the Philippines launched the EON mobile app with a facial recognition feature for logging in. This innovation makes mobile banking more secured and easy to use for receiving payments without going to a bank, setting an account, or purchasing things online.

Here’s a short list of the other features:

  • Registration is Easy.
  • First Selfie Feature for a more secure online banking
  • Easily add more cards.
  • Pay bills: Schedule payments, add your favorite bills and make new payments.
  • Transfer funds easily. Schedule transfer and add your favorite recipients.
  • Make online purchases/shopping
  • The App is available both on Google Pay store and iOS Apple store

But please do remember that when using the EON app, the card holder is required to take a selfie and to blink for added security. This helps prevent unauthorized users from hacking accounts. I can also use fingertip scan to access the app.

The EON Starter Kit can be purchased and just link the new EON card to your account with the app. EON cards are available at 7-eleven stores or buy the EON Starter Kit on Lazada.

I know I still have a lot to learn about the digital trends of today to pursue a more ‘Digital ME’. But it’s really just fascinating to see how much technology has advanced today.

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