Summer Is Not Over – Introducing Pinkbee’s

 Pinkberry is celebrating summer not just as a season but rather a state of mind with the ‘summer is not over’ Pinkbees Launch Party. And like all the best summers, there is live music, great food, and lots of memories captured in photos!
What made this summer party extra special are the refreshingly good new Pinkberry products. With a cup of chilly bliss in hand, summer is never over!
Pinkberry is a frozen yogurt brand that opened its first store back in January 2005 in California. They opened their first store in South East Asia here in the Philippines under Swirly Goodness Philippines, Inc back in December 2011 at Greenbelt 5. Right now, they have 7 stores here in Metro Manila- Greenbelt 5, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, SM Aura, Alabang Town Center, SM Megamall, Ayala Triangle Gardens, and SM East Ortigas.
Pinkberry’s new product- Pinkbee’s is Pinkberry’s take on soft-served ice cream. It’s light and creamy low-fat ice cream made with milk and served with honey and Peppero stick. For the first time, Pinkberry is offering honeycomb on the topping bar! Pinkbee’s will be available in stores starting May 29! There will be six (6) amazing Pinkbee’s and topping combinations available: Honey Honey – Pinkbee’s with honey and honeycomb Honey Mochi – Pinkbee’s with honey and mochi Choco Pearl – Pinkbee’s with dark crisp pearls and chocolate sauce Crazy Nuts – Pinkbee’s with caramel and toasted almonds Tropical Mango – Pinkbee’s with mango and honey Honey Gold – Pinkbee’s with honeycomb and honey gold flakes Berry Heaven – Pinkbee’s with strawberry, blueberry and pomegranate or strawberry puree Pinkberry is also introducing the 12 Days of Summer Notebook Promo wherein limited edition Pinkberry Notebooks are up for grab! The first design is the watercolor themed notebook to be displayed in the stores starting May 29 with the launch of the delightful taste of Pinkbee’s
To qualify, all one has to do is to collect 12 stamps- 6 stamps for Pinkbee’s and 6 stamps for Pinkberry yogurt products worth at least Php 300 for every single receipt.
For more details, just ask a Pinkberry goodness guide. Promotion starts on June 2 and ends on August 4, 2017. All Pinkberry Groupies and Newbies should make sure not to miss this!

About Pinkberry With the opening of its first store in West Hollywood, California, USA in 2005, Pinkberry virtually reinvented the frozen yogurt category and it has remained the distinct and unconventional category leader to watch in yogurt. Today, Pinkberry continues to craft and introduce new yogurt experiences to best serve its consumers on a mission to be the most innovative yogurt retailer in the world. National and International Growth Pinkberry is one of the fastest growing retail brands globally. From a limited store count in two cities to a global brand of more than 200 stores across more than 20 countries worldwide, Pinkberry has become a pop culture icon. Pinkberry Yogurt and Toppings All Pinkberry’s great tasting products are made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and provide a superior culinary experience that refreshes everyone. Distinctly Fresh and Wholesome

  • Pinkberry is dedicated to distinctly fresh products and constantly raises the bar to deliver the highest quality to our consumers.
  • Pinkberry serves only the freshest, hand-cut fruit that is never frozen, canned or sitting in syrup.
  • Pinkberry yogurt is made with real milk and yogurt packed with live and active cultures. It is loaded with calcium and protein, which help support a healthy immune system and may help regulate digestion.
  • Beyond fruit, Pinkberry’s topping bar has over 25 premium dry and liquid toppings that are 100% free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and trans-fats.Superior Culinary Experience
  • Pinkberry prides itself in taste making and purposefully maps signature flavors to the seasons with curated and customized taste experiences.
  • Pinkberry hosts a discovery of new flavors and new combinations to deliver the most culinary inspired and wholesome frozen experiences possible with toppings that are thoughtfully paired with Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt and ice cream flavors.
  • There are thousands of combinations using Pinkberry’s signature light and refreshing yogurt, light and creamy low fat milk ice cream, fresh fruit, dry, or liquid toppings. Guests can choose from one of Pinkberry’s expert-suggested pairings or create their own masterpiece.Goodness Guarantee At Pinkberry, if a customer is not happy with their masterpiece, our goodness guides will gladly swirl up a new one! Swirly Goodness Inc. is the authorized licensee of Pinkberry in the Philippines. | | contact: (+632) 8962755 14 Jupiter cor. Asteroid Bel-Air 1, Makati City

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