Dona Elena presents Origen Flamenco Show

Dona Elena, the leading brand of Mediterranean products in the Philippines, brings the Origen, to showcase lively and passionate Flamenco performance. Flamenco is a climactic event that compellingly showcases a longstanding art form that features music as one of its elements. In Origen, the old and deep sound of the Flamenco guitar, the music of the show does not only sound, it speakes and lives. The Flamenco dancers are the ones that culminate the performance with force, dedication and passion.

This exclusive Flamenco events showcases the Spanish heritage that anchors Dona Elena as a brand. Its brings the heart of Mediterranean cooking into filipino homes. Dona Elena’s  product line, which includes  olive oils, olives, capers, pastas and anchovies among others, enhance everyday meals into healthy and tasty dishes.

As a number one brand of olive oil in the Philippine market. Dona Elena Olive Oil brings out irresistible aroma while retaining high levels of antioxidants like polyphenols and oleic acid. Its is also a great source of Vitamin E, K, and A that helps to lower bad cholesterol level with benefits on cardiovascular health. Available in extra virgin, Pure and Pomace, Filipino families  are guaranteed  to enjoy a healthy range of easy-to-do recipes that are made from 100% pure olive oil from Spain.

Without a doubt, chefs and home cooks continue to choose Dona Elena Olive Oil and the other Dona Elena Mediterranean products to make healthy dishes more  delicious. In addition, the Dona Elena brand is truly an icon that guarantees excellence in quality and premium taste at reasonable price.



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