Christian Ingebritsen, the Musician

Christian Ingebritsen’s first solo album in 10 years. Besides being a busy touring artist, he’s spent the last ten years mostly writing and producing for others.

In the process, however, occasionally he’d stumble across a song that he liked so much, he decided to keep it for himself. This is a collection of such songs…

Got To Be includes the hit singles “Someone to live for”, “Still” and the endearing ballad “Break Me”, which is now enjoying massive airplay on the top radio stations in Metro Manila.
It’s a break up song that many Pinoy music enthusiasts, especially the romantic types and those who are fond of “hugot’ lyrics love and can easily relate to. Break Me appeals primarily to the sentimental hearts of Christian’s fans in the Philippines. It is indeed a potential hit that is expected to climb up the charts in no time.
The musicians he’s brought on board for the album are some of the world’s finest, from Ash Soan to the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and band mate Mark Read. It’s produced by Christian himself and mixed by Bjørn Erik Pedersen in Whiteroom, with the exception of the song “Perfect day”, which is produced by his school friend from LIPA, Mads Hauge, who’s had great success as a producer and songwriter for artists like Pixie Lott, Lana Del Rey and Natasha Bedingfield.
Got To Be is now available for download on all musical digital platforms released under Incicon Label.

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