Top 7 nom noms to try this holiday season

‘Tis the season to eat, eat, eat! Because food brings everyone together, Century Park Hotel (CPH) made sure your dining experience is nothing short of satisfying. From Japanese specialties to must-try snacks and excellent entrées, CPH continues to prove being one of the finest in Manila through an exciting gastronomic fare as part of its Year-ender Cheers.Gather your friends and family for these top seven chows:

• Aburi Moriawase Roll by Century Tsukiji

Fish lover? You wouldn’t want to miss Century Tsukiji’s half-seared sushi variety. Enjoy slices of tuna, salmon, unagi, hamachi and lapu-lapu in one delicious plate!
Price: P395

• Shake Aburi Roll by Century Tsukiji

Also called “Sake”, salmon is a very tasty sushi meat. Blowtorched to perfection, you will enjoy every roll.
Price: P460

• Christmas Shabu Shabu by Century Tsukiji

Warm up during the cool December days by sitting down for this special Shabu Shabu! Fresh greens and a good portion of meat in a pot of flavorful broth? Who would say no?
Price: P1200

• Sausage and Wedges by the Atrium Lounge

Tasty meat and crunchy potatoes? Classic combo! Try this Trolley Special to pair with your favorite drink. Don’t forget to share with your buddies!
Price: P366

• Century Park Burger by the Atrium Lounge

This burger will be your instant favorite because of its quality beef and fresh ingredients. Simply slamming!
Price: P528

• Grilled Lamb Chops by Café in the Park

Date night or special dinner? This glorious meat cooked juicy and tender should be your go-to order!
Price: P935

• Country Crispy Chicken by Café in the Park

You can never go wrong with good old fried chicken. The crunchy and juicy bite will have you go for more.
Price: P485

Ready for your foodie adventure this Christmas? Sample these amazing treats before capping off 2017, only at Century Park Hotel!


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