Panasonic, 100 years of Adapting to Changing Times

Panasonic Philippines’ golden years in the country has proven the stability of the brand that Filipinos have continually embraced, much to the pride of its Japanese principal – Panasonic Corporation, which was founded a century ago, living up to its global slogan “A Better Life, A Better World”.Through its company’s diversity and innovations, Panasonic Corporation is relishing its global status and engaging all curves of oncoming disruptions in the industry. This very reason is what elevated the company to a position that the admired the world over.

From its humble beginnings that started from the desire to help which fueled the fire of inspiration, Panasonic has since made housework easier, kept food fresh and delicious, allowed us to live well in comfortable spaces, let us bring home the thrill of entertainment, kept our family home truly clean, let us simplify everyday beauty, make delicious meals happen and paved the way to preserve beautiful memories.

Panasonic has constantly invested in research and development to make the best even better. Thus, the reason they are enjoying a resounding success.

Panasonic Philippines and the Philippine Market

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) bearing the torch from Panasonic Corporation has since moved forward stronger from its previous year.

PMPC has continually helped boost the Philippine economy by producing outstanding Japan quality refrigerators, electric fans, washing machines, and air-conditioners in the provinces of Rizal and Laguna which provides hundreds of employment opportunities to Filipinos.

Japan Quality Air-Conditioners

In continuing its 100 years of reliability, Panasonic recently launched new models of Air Conditioners that provide total air solutions to its consumers.

Panasonic’s new window-type Air Conditioners boast of Pure Energy savings Inverter and practical features such as sleep mode, powerful mode, and anti-bacterial filter.

The new Panasonic Sky Series split-type Air Conditioner models, on the other hand, combines powerful innovations inside every unit. It features Panasonic’s most advanced purification system with the Nanoe technology, which deodorizes, inhibits bacteria and viruses, removes dust and purifies a room even cooling operation is turned-off.
Adapting to changing times, Panasonic reiterates that the intentions founded 100 years ago, will continue to stay on as a second century dawns.

Gary Valenciano  and kiana Valenciano endorser for Panasonic is with the executive of Panasonic.

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