Hokkaido Favorite BAKE CHEESE TART is Now in Manila

Hokkaido cult favorite Bake Cheese Tart opening not just one but two doors in the Podium last December and at the Powerplant Mall Rockwell last January and a pop up store at the Mall Of Asia.Young entrepreneurs Danielle Lo Ching,  Tyrone Ching and Larry Tan brought Bake Cheese Tart to Manila.

The 30 years old Japanese bakery, Kinotoya, comes to Manila with a mind-blowing record foe global churning out 35 millions  cheese tart every year. The Bake Cheese Tart cheese are three from Hokkaido and one from France. Its is cupped in a double bake crust and baked until it turns golden brown. The experience is of a well-balanced cream cheese it also makes me feel the I’m eating also yoghurt!

Bake Cheese Tart can be enjoyed in four ways : Freshly baked, warm, chilled, or frozen.

Manila is the 9th country around the world to host Bake cheese tarts, its outlet at ION Orchard in Singapore reportedly has queuing for about three hours before a customer gets to purchase this savory delight.

Baked Cheese Tart uses the best ingredients from Hokkaido, and baked freshly in store. Therefore whether you are having cheese Tart in Japan, Singapore, Korea or Manila, you can enjoy the same delicious experience because of its consistency.

So Try it you will love it!     

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