A True gem like My Diamond

Charo Santos is the epitome of a successful career woman who is also a devoted working mom and wife—a true gem, like a diamond. For many years until her retirement as CEO of ABS-CBN, she led a busy life as corporate executive, movie producer, and TV show host, all while raising two boys.

It was a balancing act, but for Santos, the face of My Diamond, there was no question that her role as a mother was first and foremost.

“I always believed that no success in career can compensate for failure at home,” Santos says. “I had to make time for family no matter how heavy my workload was”.

Attending her sons’ school activities was a must. She dropped anything and everything to be there. “I attended all school activities and PTA (Parents, Teachers Association) meetings.That was non-negotiable for me,” Santos says.

She also remembers those priceless moments spent with her children, memories that she looks back on with fondness.

“When they were in preschool, reading bedtime stories was our bonding moment,” Santos reminisces. “Watching MMK (her television show “Maalaala Mo Kaya”) was also precious. We talked about the story and what they learned.”

As a family, travelling was something that they all looked forward to, along with attending mass and having lunch together on Sundays.

“Visiting museums and historical places, dining in good restaurants, as well as watching movies and musicals were always part of our itinerary,” Santos says. “My sons learned to see the world and life in a different perspective.”

When asked about her parenting style, Santos says, “I paid attention to what they were not saying. I just observed and sensed in our conversations what they really wanted. I wanted them to know that I understood, I cared and would support them to become the best they can be,” Santos says.

Santos is grateful that her loving husband, a retired corporate executive himself, is there every step of the way. “I’m thankful for a supportive husband who would always fill the gap.”

As a mother, Santos has proven to be selfless, understanding, and devoted.

“There is no greater treasure than family,” she says. “It deserves our investment in time, attention and heart. We can always achieve balance because we can always make time for important things.”

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