Bristol at Parkway Place by Filigree at crest of south’s property growth

Bristol at Parkway Place is worthy of any investor’s consideration. since launch, Bristol’s investment value has progressively improved. Its units’ worth has steadily increased owing to Filinvest City’s growth trajectory, providing early investors excellent returns of up to 30 percent. Bristol’s competitive price, though, is just one of the many attributes that attract buyers.“As residents steadily make Bristol at Parkway Place their home, they can already enjoy a handsome return on their investment,” says Kate Ilagan, Filigree head. “With its strategic location, high-end features and amenities, Bristol truly possesses all the high value attributes that make it a remarkable property asset.”

Embodying central living, the 40-story Bristol at Parkway Place is strategically situated at the gateway of the dynamic Filinvest City in Alabang, a masterplanned central business district that continues to transform the landscape of Metro South with its land values more than doubling in the last five years. Filinvest City also bares the distinction of being the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED-certified business district in the country, thereby cementing its status as a future-proof, green-oriented community.

Filinvest City’s benchmark-setting increases in land value may be attributed to continuous construction and completion of office buildings, resulting in the influx of corporations locating in the Metro South. Another factor is the ease of access to the city—thanks to the Skyway. Soon, travelling from the Metro South to North and vice versa will be made hassle-free with infrastructure projects like the NLEX-SLEX Connector Road via Skyway and the North-South Rail Commuter Railway. Undeniably, with its location and proximity to main thoroughfares, residents of Bristol not only will live a life of luxury, but also one of utmost convenience at the heart of a bustling metropolis.

The unit offerings of Bristol at Parkway Place make it an even more desirable and most valuable real estate investment for Filipino entrepreneurs and expatriates alike. Bristol comes with aptly-sized and thoughtfully designed one-, two-, and three-bedroom units—ranging from 53 square meters to as much as 168 square meters—all well-appointed, with balconies, and built to the highest standards and finishes.

Its ground floor has been dedicated to specialty stores that make it convenient for residents to shop and dine. Almost everything a resident desires is but an elevator ride or a short walk away: restaurants, retail outlets, and other essential establishments.

Backed by Filigree’s unwavering commitment to deliver its projects on time and without compromise, Bristol at Parkway Place has already started turning over units in the first half of 2018. Indeed, Bristol may be the best upscale real estate investment today as it takes luxurious, central living to new heights and offers residents great value for their money.

“Homeowners in the Metro South are now embracing the condo living lifestyle and the luxury and modern conveniences it brings,” Ilagan continues. “No doubt, Bristol at Parkway Place is fast-becoming the top-of-mind choice for those seeking only the finest and most valuable in upscale, high-rise residential projects.”

For more details on Filigree’s Bristol at Parkway Place, visit or call (02) 809-6517.


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