Mr. Pure Energy Gives Back

Just three months after his double health scare, Gary Valenciano is back to doing what he loves best: performing for the people.

It’s his way of giving thanks for receiving a second lease on life, so to speak.Mr. Pure Energy, despite of all that he has gone through the past several years, has so much to thank for.

One, Gary V survived an emergency heart bypass surgery due to blockage of his left anterior descending artery caused by his type 1 diabetes, which he has been battling for almost 40 years.

Two, the veteran artist has successfully beat cancer of the kidney. 

Through his strong faith and the unwavering support of his loved ones, the good news that Gary V was praying for came sooner than later.

“Nakatanggap ako ng message galing sa doktor ko na [I’m] cancer-free and no need for chemotherapy, radio therapy, wala talaga. It’s really, really good news. It’s gone.”

And three, the 54-year-old OPM icon has been blessed with a great family. He’s got a very supportive wife, Angeli, and equally talented kids Paolo, Gabriel, and Kiana, who would always be by his side no matter what. 

With all the blessings and the miracles that he has received, the multi-awarded artist feels that it is time for him to give back.

Mr. Pure Energy will be staging “Gary V, Mr. Pure Energy in XS” a fund-raising concert on October 13, 2018 at the Xavier Sports Center in Greenhills, San Juan. Proceeds from this concert will go to the Xavier School charities. 

“Gary V, Mr. Pure Energy in XS” will be an event to remember. Not only will this concert mark Gary V’s return to the performing stage after being away from the spotlight for months, it will also be extra special as his daughter Kiana Valenciano will be joining him on stage as his special guest.

For ticket inquiries, call 911-5555 or visit

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