Glaiza and Max portray EB Advance Women

EB Advance, the premium line of the country’s leading cosmetics brand Ever Bilena, is bringing together two celebrities known for their stunning looks and headstrong personalities: Max Collins and Glaiza De Castro team up for the brand’s latest campaign that focuses on the strengths of a modern Filipina.

Featuring the new tagline, ‘Next Level You’, EB Advance empowers and emboldens the modern Filipina with products that show off the next level version of themselves through its full range of high-quality, on-trend, and affordable beauty products that work with them.

From classic to edgy, Max and Glaiza definitely represent the different kinds of beauty of a modern Filipina. Beyond the physical, they are brave, fiery, strong and self-assured – women who stand for something! Without a doubt, they are the perfect for EB Advance as it takes women to the next level.

During a recent photo shoot for the campaign, the two showed they had a mutual admiration for each other. Max said of Glaiza, “I love working with her because she gives 100 percent in everything she does. And working on this campaign with her is such a pleasure because we are showing women how to advance themselves through makeup.”

For her part, Glaiza said, “I admire how, at her age, she has a clear direction of what she wants to do in life. She knows her strengths and weaknesses and she uses her influence to empower and encourage women.”

Despite their differences, they share one trait in common – they are fearless. This shows in their personal styles. Max prefers the flirty and feminine look, favoring light, natural makeup shades.

“My go-to makeup products consist of the EB Advance Brow Define Waterproof Brow Liner, EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain, and the EB Advance Lash Define mascara especially when I don’t want to put too much makeup on when I’m going out,” she said.

Glaiza’s style is edgy and cool. She loves to experiment. “I love exploring. This is not just in the roles I portray, or when I travel. It also applies to my hairstyle and makeup. I want to see different sides of me.”

Playing around with different looks helped her to discover what works and what doesn’t. For her makeup, her surefire bets are the EB Advance LTD Liquid Lipstick in Fire Opal, EB Advance Silky Eye Liner in Onyx and EB Advance Lip and Cheek Stain.

Although makeup is a big factor in boosting their confidence, both believe that being empowered means more than that. For Glaiza, it is knowing what a woman wants and standing by her convictions and passions regardless of what people will say or think. “She is daring kasi ang dami mong kakalabanin para sa isang bagay na sa tingin mo ay tama para sa’yo,”

And for Max, it’s not just being sexy or pretty. “It’s all about being strong and being proud to be a woman. That also means encouraging fellow women by helping her build her confidence as well. We as humans can get judgmental of others but it’s really a conscious effort on my part to avoid being one if I also don’t want to be unfairly judged.”

To learn more about EB Advance, its products and endorsers, visit Ever Bilena’s website,, Facebook page, Instagram


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