Knowing the Woman Behind ORGANIQUE INC.

The chief executive of the global brand and nationally renowned ORGANIQUE ACAI BERRY has her hands full in a typical work day, being hands on in the day-to-day operations of the company. The beginnings were hardly a bed of roses. But the indefatigable spirit of the couple, Joseph Elton and Catherine Salimbangon to bring the wonderful news of wellness back home did not deter them from forging ahead, driven and full of optimism.  

Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend is the brainchild of Joseph Elton, an IT expert and Catherine, an internationally accredited nurse, while they were based in the US. 

Good intentions are rewarded with inspiring discoveries.  Her husband became involved in the food supplement industry and among those that were produced, it was the acai berry that stood out, hands down, because of the purplish-black fruit’s superior and very high anti-oxidant content. 

The phenomenal discovery that led to the acai berry’s introduction to the west caused uproar in the world of health and wellness. And so, in June 2009, ORGANIQUE Inc. was born.  An all-Filipino company that commissioned itself to produce only world-class super food supplement, the acai berries, proven to have the highest levels of anti-oxidants based on the ORAC chart, harvested the acai berries direct from the Amazon rainforests of Brazil.

Cathy and Elton didn’t  see it merely as a business opportunity, but a means to help improve the health of many of our kababayans n the Philippines. Packing their bags in 2010, the couple returned to the Philippines to begin their painstaking task of introducing an awesome beverage – a purple-colored all-natural fruit juice with delicious chocolate berry taste and without any preservatives – that contains phytochemicals, powerful levels of antioxidants to boost a person’s sagging immune system and enable him/her to combat free radicals, toxins and other harmful viruses. 

Cathy as the foremost ambassador of Organique acai berry herself, firmly believes that health is wealth and this she wanted to share such to her fellow Filipinos. It was timely too, as the government’s awareness efforts were becoming aggressive in making people understand the value of health. 

In a matter of eight years, Organique Inc.gained credible standing amongst its peers in business, and equally too, for its unique product, a delicious-tasting Acai berry, is now an indispensable health  supplement staple for thousands upon thousands of Filipinos, of all ages, regardless of their health disposition.   While there are more than 50 reasons to drink Organique Acai, one key reason is for health and wellness, inside and out.

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