Scania Marcopolo Bus Took Us to a Culinary Adventure in Pampanga

It is my first time to ride the Scania Marcopolo Bus. At the same time, we traveled to the food capital of the Philippines – Pampanga – for a culinary adventure!

Scania is known for economical buses and coaches, possessing a superbly engineered exterior and a quality interiors.

The Marcopolo series in particular, is fitted with luxurious seats and extensive noise insulation ensuring first class passenger comfort at all stages of the journey.
As for our tour, we had our breakfast at about 9am at Alviz Farms. They served us bringhi, tamales, special dinuguan, asado, sisig, and Sta Rita’s valued food treasure – Duman.
Shortly after, we had our lunch at Everybody’s Cafe, the home of Authentic Kapampangan cuisine and the oldest restaurant¬† located in Pampanga owned by Chef Poch Jorolan. It is worthy to note that their special Beef Morcon (beef roll) is prepared for 6 hours.
Next, we visited Ocampo-Lansang House for their Turrones de Casuy and sansrival. The former are being wrapped by paper and is filled with a sweet milk filling and cashew nuts since 1920s.
Aside from food, we also visiited landmarks such as the St. James the Apostle Parish Church (Betis Church) and Guillermo Church, which was buried in lahar decades ago,
Laslty, we went to the Old Train Station to conclude our tour of the heritage district.
Thank you to Scania Philippines for the enjoyable and comfortable trip!

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