Oriental Tin Can Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Oriental Tin Can (OTC) President Ramon Chua leads the company as a trailblazer in the metal packaging and quality tin cans in the Philippines. With emphasis on innovation and quality, OTC, the company his father Chua Tee started in the 1940s has become a household name in the industry, and currently supplies a majority of the country’s food canneries in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The success of OTC can be attributed to Tee’s philosophy that “quality no matter what product you make will be the key to success.” He passed on this guiding principle to his son Engineer Ramon L. Chua who now helms the business to the grandson Engineer Felimon Dexter N. Chua.
Engr. Chua expanded the capabilities of the company by moving Oriental Tin Can from 3rd Avenue Grace Park, Caloocan City to a much bigger area that would house all its production lines in 1954.

With Engr. Chua’s technical knowhow and vision, OTC became the first company in the Philippines to have its own Coil Cutting Lines, and soon developed innovations such as Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to engineer its 2-piece cans – a feat which gained the company multiple international awards.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Engr. Chua together with his son Felimon Dexter N. Chua are constantly innovating. OTC will soon have its own Easy-Open Can Lids (EZO). ”Its quality and innovation or nothing. This differentiates Oriental Tin Can from competitors,” Engr. Chua stated.

Assurance of Quality Chua expounded that the number one consideration is quality control. The Filipino company aspires to become globally competitive by offering products that are internationally recognized for their quality and excellence. OTC operated with international standards, codes of practices, and complies with relevant requirements of law to assure their clients of world-class products.

Its flagship product, the 2-pc tin offers distinct advantages. The first is a pre-fabrication consultation that involves the client into the design process. Cans are not made as is, but are adjusted to suit the needs and goals of the client.
Clients are also assured of the high-standard manufacturing process, high quality raw materials and top caliber people that are involved. OTC uses only top-of-the-line machinery across four strategically-placed plants. This nation-wide presence makes it much more convenient for customers to receive their products.

OTC will continue to grow as Engr. Chua passes on the legacy to his son Felimon Dexter N. Chua, underscoring their family’s standards of exceptional quality and innovation in business.

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