Alex Lichaytoo Receives Order of the Star of Italy

Alex Lichaytoo, co-founder of Bacchus International, was recently knighted by the Italian government with a Cavaliere dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia (Order of the Star of Italy) last March 16 in recognition for his contributions in bridging Philippine and Italian culture. Mr. Lichaytoo was surprised by Italian ambassador to the Philippines Giorgio Gulielmino who presented Lichaytoo with his award.Alex Lichaytoo and his brother Clifford established Bacchus International, Inc in 1995 with the goal of bringing premium wines to the country. Over the years, Bacchus became a household name in the Philippines for its excellent collection, which prompted the brothers to expand their business to introduce the best Italian food products to the Philippine market. Bacchus International then brought Lavazza coffee, De Cecco pasta, Venchi chocolates, and Caputo 00 Pizza flour among others to our shores.

Bacchus International has continued to expand to now become a forefront showroom of high-quality food from Italy. Alex, in particular, has worked tirelessly to establish significant collaborations with renowned chefs such as Chef Margarita Fores – herself a newly-knighted Filipino from the Italian government.

Alex has also regularly visit the regions of Piedmont and Parma to look at various Italian food products that would expand the average Filipino’s palate.

It is this incomparable yearning to provide quality Italian food to every Filipino that has made Alex Lichaytoo a distinguished and respected figure in the food industry.


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