Celebrate Eden Cheese as part of Filipino way of lifelife

June 4,2019 Today is national Cheese day! This internet phenomenon may have unclear roots. But what’s clear is everyone can relate to celebrating the deliciousness and creaminess that cheese, particularly the country ‘s #1 Eden Cheese bring to the dishes we serve our families. Today is the best day to ask, what’s your favorite way to enjoy Eden cheese? Do you like to eat in the morning for the breakfast, with the solid combination of freshly toasted pandesal? or maybe you like to mark your birthdays as many do, with cheese grated and melted over mom’s or lola’s delicious Pinoy spaghetti. Better yet, you might enjoy cheese when it’s part of traditional fiesta dishes you devour with rice like Tita’s caldereta, mechado or your ate’s special Buko salad and leche flan for dessert.  There are so many ways and occasions we use Eden cheese in our daily lives, that it has become part of our traditions and cultures much like the dishes we love. What ever way you like to enjoy Eden cheese, you can be assured of its deliciousness and creaminess every time.

Shares renowned food journalist and Adobo Queen Nancy  Reyes Lumen , “Cheese is such a wonderful food that you can’t out grow it. It is indispensable to our culture and daily lives as filipinos. Cheese is one of the earliest foods we taste and the delight of it stays on from infancy to adulthood. We have grown up with it and it has been part of our lives all these years. Cheese is practically a “no-fail” ingredient  you can even burn it and it still tastes good. We love cheese because it blends creaminess into our taste buds. it is comfort food!”

Kristen Mendoza, Brand manager for Eden Cheese , said “Eden has been helping moms make her dishes more delicious with creaminess and goodness for the past 38 years. Since the brand was launch in 1981 until now, moms can continue to enjoy the quality and deliciousness she and perhaps her mother or grandmother have loved for many years . It’s a  promise we make to Moms that when she uses Eden cheese for the dishes she serves her family . she is able to choose goodness for them.”

Eden Cheese is manufactured by Mondelez Philippines.

Celebrate National Cheese Day today by making your favorite dish or snack with Eden Cheese.



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