OMRON Healthcare makes home blood pressure monitoring easier with new connectivity lineup

Global healthcare tech leader OMRON makes home blood pressure monitoring (HBPM) much easier with its new industry-leading connectivity devices.

The Smart Elite+ HEM7600T Tubeless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (BPM), HEM-7280T Upper Arm BPM and HEM-6232T Wrist-type BPM, which have been recently launched in the Philippines, are expected to encourage more Filipinos to monitor their blood pressure at home.

Home blood pressure monitoring is considered by medical professionals as one of the key mitigation measures against hypertension. With their accuracy and precision and the ease of storing and reviewing results through the smartphone app OMRON Connect, OMRON Healthcare is optimistic the latest connectivity devices can help curb the rising cases of hypertension in the country.

Tech in Health: A move forward to generation zero
OMRON Healthcare is keen to achieve a generation zero of strokes and heart attacks through state-of-the-art technology such as its newest connectivity devices.

Smart Elite+ HEM7600T Tubeless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The Smart Elite+ HEM7600T Tubeless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features an IntelliWrap Cuff that easily snaps on the arm, allowing accurate readings through its 360-degree wrap and eliminating the need for regular tubes usually found in blood pressure monitors. The IntelliWrap Cuff makes incorrect placing virtually impossible.

The Smart Elite+ HEM7600T adopts OMRON’s patented technology Intellisense, whose algorithm allows the rapid detection of even minute changes in blood pressure. Through Intellisense, the BPM applies the right amount of pressure for fast, accurate and comfortable measurements.

HEM-7280T Upper Arm BPM

The HEM-7280T Upper Arm BPM, like the Smart Elite+ HEM7600T, has Intellisense technology. Best used for morning hypertension detection, the HEM-7280T shows the average of the last three readings with date and time. Its blood pressure level indicator is designed for easy interpretation of results. For a better insight into trends in the user’s blood pressure, the HEM-7280T Upper Arm BPM stores up to 100 measurements in memory, complete with date and time.

HEM-6232T Wrist-type BPM

Another newly launched OMRON connectivity device is the HEM-6232T Wrist-type BPM. It has a built-in positioning indicator that assists users in placing the monitor at the correct height to ensure accurate and consistent readings. The monitor’s compact size and silent operation make heart health monitoring easy and convenient.

The HEM-6232T Wrist-type BPM can also store up to 100 measurements in memory with date and time.

HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor

Though not a BPM, the HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor has also been made available in the market to assist users in monitoring their health through body composition measurements. It can measure body weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat, body mass index, body age, skeletal muscle and resting metabolism. The HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor can store data of up to four persons, utilizing Users Memory to automatically recognize its current user.

OMRON Healthcare’s latest connectivity devices are all compatible with the OMRON Connect app, which assists users in recording, viewing and managing their health data.

The connectivity devices are all available in the official stores of OMRON Healthcare on Laz Mall and Shopee. The Smart Elite+ HEM7600T Tubeless Upper Arm BPM, HEM-7280T Upper Arm BPM, HEM-6232T Wrist-type BPM and HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor are priced at PHP10,500.00, PHP9,000.00, PHP5,500.00 and PHP6,500.00, respectively. To celebrate its products’ launch in the Philippines, OMRON Healthcare is offering a 12 percent discount on all of its newest connectivity devices to PHP9,240.00, PHP7,920.00, PHP4,840.00 and PHP5,720.00, respectively. The promo will run until August 31, 2019.


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