Workbank a New Job Portal enters the PH Market

Workbank, a talent solutions platform that matches job hunters with companies. not a one-way street that favors only the companies. By putting people first, this platform ensures that applicants are ready and can stay in their ideal job, which is what recruiters ultimately look for in ideal candidates. It’s a win-win for both sides of the recruitment fence.Taking that extra leap to encourage self-improvement and preparedness, Workbank partnered with companies like Grab and Zalora to provide discounts to job hunters who want to better present themselves. In addition to this, this job portal also has been providing free training to scale up a job hunter’s chances at getting employed. And all of these is anchored on a virtue that is uniquely Filipino, malasakit.

In the recent press launch of Workbank, its country head Reggie Fernandes said, “As a very young institution, we have a lot ahead to position ourselves differently. We are dynamic, we are agile, we have strong technology backing, and we have investors overseas that have put a lot behind what they believe is the story of malasakit. This is very important for us because we know how hardworking and talented Filipinos are.”

Their job-seeking development strategy comes with an E-Card that marks exclusive perks to Workbank users. The E-Card can be used for discounts at partner merchants such as ClassPass, Electric Studio, Urban Ashram and Wendy’s. Anyone who registers on the page and reaches a 70 percent profile progress can avail this E-Card in just a few clicks.

Workbank will continue to strengthen their job hunters’ skill set and credibility with the right partnerships and smart-match technology. This ensures that candidates are always provided opportunities for growth, not just through trainings but also through jobs that meet their skill and experience.

Fernandes also added that Workbank will not just be a portal but will have a unique roadmap for job hunters in search of a purpose-driven career. “Our philosophy is investing in people, so we operate in the principle of ‘Invest in good people and you get back in multiple fold for all the companies in our platform.’”

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