The Christmas Season is definitely in full swing, with preparations happening all over .The holidays ring in abundant feasting of lechon, morcon, pasta, salad, paella, hamon and quezo de bola and many more appetizing cuisine colorfully spread on the dining table for families and relations to munch those finger-lickin’ delicious but cholesterol-laden food.

What better way to celebrate the Season than with all members of the family, including relatives come together for that reunion selfie pic while savoring the festive handaan in the pink of health!

‘Tis the season to enjoy, be merry and have fun, bidding those whom we love and care for truly personal gestures of good cheer by exchanging gifts. Indeed, in and out of season, gift-giving is a welcome epiphany to show how much we value our love ones. ‘Tis the season too, to show our loving concern by bestowing the best gift, the gift of wellness.
On the same note, the giver (you) and the recipient (parent, spouse or kin) can benefit health-wise from the phenomenal purple fruit, acai berry that’s exclusively produced and distributed by ORGANIQUE INC.

The Organique Acai berry is low in fat, sodium and calories, but unlike most fruits, Organique Acai berry contains more nutrients and has got the highest antioxidant levels that help combat viruses, free toxins, radicals.

In this most festive time of the year, you definitely need to boost your immune system by maintaining a daily exercise regimen, drink lots of water, eat more alkaline-rich food, fruits and veggies (and less red meats for a balanced diet). Make sure too, you get a daily intake of super food Organique acai berry premium blend before you eat breakfast – and you’re on your way to achieving a healthier, balanced lifestyle that’s part and parcel of wellness habit not just for the holidays but probably 365 days a year!

Organique Acai Berry comes in 946 mL, 473 mL and in freeze-dried capsules that’s HALAL certified, 100% USDA certified organic and is accredited by the FDA. Guaranteed no preservatives, no artificial coloring. Availabe in all Mercury Drug and in other maor drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

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