Uniqlo U: Stylish clothing, because it’s every day wear

Uniqlo 2020 Spring/ Summer collection launch

The Uniqlo U line from the Paris R&D Center led by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire is simple and high-quality basic wear that incorporates modern design in the details. Each season the team utilizes the latest materials and advanced technologies to explore clothing styles not found anywhere else, pursuing the essence of UNIQLO LifeWear.

Women’s – Details and colors create an exceptionally fresh impression

Items incorporating a casual yet refined European essence have been freshened up with masculine silhouettes and new details. In the bottoms lineup, the silhouette of curved jeans is closer to a straight cut, and the selection has been broadened to include jersey fabric wide pants and pajama pants. Coats and dresses in wrinkle-resistant new materials and linen-like fabrics offer soft color tones, and are useful for layering in early spring. The airy and light comfort further broadens the playful styling.

Men’s – A focus on new items shows off the styling

This season reconstructs authentic men’s items in a modern style, introducing outfit coordinates such as guayaberas and BLOCKTECH trench coats. Items can even be used to create outfits matched with casual bottoms, such as drawstring pants with a clean-cut jacket, or sweatpants with a military-style jersey shirt. Cotton-blend materials with a linen-like feel, and matte textures that blend Tencel and Modal fibers, add a sophisticated impression to the styling. These items are sure to raise everyday comfort to a new level.


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