The promise of an exceptional culinary experience is no longer enough to entice diners these days out of their homes, according to Seda Vertis North’s Cinty Yniguez, marketing and sales director.

They need to first implicitly know they can dine worry-free. They need to feel that all health protocols are in place and only then will they be relaxed enough to feast on spreads and a la carte dining like that in Misto at this landmark Quezon City hotel.

Open only at lunch from Thursday to Sunday for now, Seda Vertis North’s serviced buffet curated by the culinary team of the well-loved Misto outlet is back and has been busy, attesting to clients’ confidence in its health and safety protocols. Only half of its seating capacity is available in deference to social distancing thus diners have made sure to book in advance. The melt-in-your-mouth homemade honey-glazed ham and premium roast beef as well as 30 other dishes including Asian specials like laksa, tempura and handmade noodles, and all-time Filipino favorites kare-kare, crispy pata, callos and lengua have served as good reasons for them to venture out.  All these from five food stations for P1,000++

In addition to thermal scanning of both guests, servers and food handlers, safety systems have focused on ensuring that contact with handles, plates and serving utensils is limited only to the certified employees confined by dividers within the food preparation area. As a diner goes through the buffet line, he does not touch any serving utensil but only points to the dishes he wants.

 These days, waiters serve at the table of guests the current buffet favorite — individual servings of churrascaria style barbecue skewers pre-selected at the buffet line by the diner, grilled to perfection then plated to feast the eyes. The guest has many choices — from premium beef, to chicken, to seafood, to sausages and vegetables in addition to a variety of sauces including a piquant chimichurri that is a delicate balance of coriander, olive oil, garlic and heat.

On the eve of and also on Christmas and New Year’s Day, Seda Vertis North executive chef Kerpatrik Boiser promises porchetta or slow-roasted rolled pork belly flavored with lemongrass and topped with crackling pork skin in addition to all of the above. The holiday spirit will also be captured by Seda Vertis North’s homemade bibingka and puto bumbong as well as moist chocolate cake, mousses and a variety of fruits.

Yniguez observes that friends getting together for the holidays, business people strengthening bonds over a meal and small family groups have been frequenting the serviced buffet where guests remain free to get as much as they want. “We relish these times when what matters most is being together just like good old times,. The only difference is greater mindfulness on our part to make our guests feel comfortable and safe while making the best of the holiday season, staying connected and just being together over a meal.”  

In the meantime, Chef Kerr and his crew continue to tweak the menu weekly so that there is always something new to look forward to.  They are equally focused on maintaining safety by sending staff calendar reminders every 20 minutes to sanitize or wash hands, setting systems so that high-touch surfaces are frequently and consistently sanitized, strictly complying with safety checklists before, during and at the close of the buffet.

 The kitchen staff has also been kept busy turning out food to go headlined by the porchetta, chicken galantine, Seda Vertis North ham served in platters for 10.  The Christmas hampers with cookies, gingerbread, fruitcake and ham have always been a classic and now alongside the savory grazing boxes with an assortment of cheeses, crackers, dried fruits and cold cuts are made with love just in time for wine and cheese night or those virtual holiday gatherings.

Also available are premium Food-To-Go meal sets at P1,000 per person include a starter, a dessert and a choice of main course from among stuffed pork loin roast or maple glazed duck breast or braised beef short plate. A vegetarian meal set is also part of the to-go menu.

Whether one chooses to dine in or to be served at home, Seda Vertis North’s Misto is set to make sure that holiday meals will continue to be great celebrations.

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