Grohe Baulines offers modern design with smart features at an affordable price

No matter if space or budget are limited: GROHE Baulines makes bathroom planning much more convenient as installers and planners can create a modern bathroom ambience in just a few simple steps. The Baulines faucet, Bau Ceramic and Bau Accessories match in design and function to easily create a fully coordinated design concept. The latest addition to GROHE’s Bau Ceramic line is the new Slim Seat with SoftClose. With its less than 45 mm hight the seat makes an easy upgrade for the customer. Thanks to the QuickRelease feature the seat, additionally, is easy to disassembly for cleaning.

Thanks to the relaunched design of Baulines bathroom faucets, customers benefit from an enhanced comfort zone: the extended angle with the tapered spout ensures a more convenient water flow, thereby preventing water from splashing when washing hands. Moreover, the product offers advantages in terms of safety and health− Thanks to its innovative zinc die casting process at the LIXIL plant in Klaeng, Thailand, one of the most sustainable plants in South East Asia, the faucet offers safe water enjoyment. Not only is the surface of the faucet seamlessly closed so that impurities cannot enter, there are also dedicated inner waterways to make sure that the water has no contact with lead and nickel. Above that these inner waterways have no contact to the body material which result in a barrier between hot water and the external surface to avoid scalding on hot surfaces. Thus, extra safe, especially for households with children.

The demand for sustainable product solutions is increasing. Therefore, another important reason for choosing GROHE Baulines is that all faucets are equipped with water-saving GROHE EcoJoy technology. A flow restrictor reduces water consumption from ten liters per minute to just over five liters. Moreover, an aerator enriches the water with air, ensuring the same voluminous experience as with conventional faucets. This way, everyone can easily make their contribution to save water in everyday life without compromising on comfort. 

Simplicity for the modern kitchen – GROHE Bau Kitchen 

In addition to these bathroom products, GROHE’s Baulines kitchen range helps to plan a modern, stylish kitchen that is equally functional and affordable. A selection of different faucet designs and heights allows even the largest pots to be comfortably filled – offering the customer versatile options for their kitchen. Like their bathroom counterparts, all Baulines kitchen faucets are available with the GROHE Zero technology. Thanks to dedicated inner water ways the water has no contact with lead and nickel. Additionally, for a coordinated design, GROHE also offers stainless steel and composite sinks to match the faucets.

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