Beware of the ‘silent killer’ called Hypertension

According to Philippine Heart Association (PHA), Hypertension prevalence in the Philippines increased to 37% in 2021 wherein 52% was among men and 48% among women. At this rate, it signals a “progressive rise” of high blood pressure among Filipinos. 

Those who suffer from this deadly malady confirm that high blood pressure or hypertension is a “silent killer”. Itcan kill instantly without notice because it typically has no symptoms, yet it quietly damages your body for years before symptoms develop or until after it has done significant damage to the heart and arteries.

For the uninitiated, a word of warning. Although the common manifestations are headache, dizziness, palpitations, blurred vision, shortness of breath, and easy fatigability, many people don’t feel anything unusual except when the blood pressure reaches levels that are dangerously high. When your blood pressure is high, it means that there is more tension applied against the arterial wall, leading to several problems and complications. 

Several factors are to blame for the onset of hypertension – high fat and salt diet, obesity, old age, smoking, stress, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and heredity. In addition, hypertension may be due to other medical conditions like diabetes, kidney disorders or tumors.


Renowned superfood Acai, found in Brazil was previously featured in Oprah and other TV shows, with Dr. Oz laudingits very high levels of antioxidants, has been proven by many to relieve pain, promote weight loss and give more energy.  Acai berry’s antioxidant content is much higher than other sources like blueberries and is known for its rich anthocyanin content which provides antioxidant effects for healthier cells. 

As an alternative treatment, it is believed that Açaí berries can help in managing hypertension. A case study in the US was done with a group of individuals aged 27 to 35. They were given acai berry for a period of one week without any medications. In a short period of time, the group lowered their overall systolic by 14 percent with just an ounce of the acai super fruit juice daily.  

Sonny Viloria, M.D., Integrative Medicine Specialist and Wellness expert recommends Organique Açaí, a superfood supplement as an adjunct to the medication of his patients with hypertension. 

Organique Acai contains one of the highest antioxidants in the world that effectively destroy homocysteine, a compound known to increase a person’s risk for cardiovascular diseases. In addition, Organique Acai helps flush out toxins from the weakened cell membranes lining the walls of the blood vessels and as such, prevent further fluctuations in the blood pressure. The micronutrients in Organique Acai help boost the supply of nutrients needed by the cells to continue its normal functions.  

Organique Acai berry is guaranteed all-natural (no preservatives), no GMO, no artificial coloring, no chemical additives, certified 100% organic by the USDA and is Halal certified. Assuredly, it has no unhealthy side effects.

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