Conquering all roads with confidence, the FOTON HARABAS TM300 meets a wide array of logistics demands in various industries with its superior power and build. Transcending multiple markets, the FOTON HARABAS TM300 offers compelling quality that easily meets rugged daily drives.

Perfectly preserving frozen or refrigerated goods through its highly effective refrigerated storage is what FOTON HARABAS TM300 Ref-Van offers. Even across city gridlock or scorching highway roads, it keeps deliverables frozen in temperatures as low as -18 degrees Celsius. The FOTON HARABAS TM300 Ref Van is capable of handling various goods from perishable consumables to pharmaceutical essentials, and temperature-sensitive food.

The darling of innovative business people and entrepreneurs, the HARABAS TM300 Wing Van is perfect for new normal entrepreneurial setups. It can transform stationary businesses into rolling ones such as mobile ramen or takoyaki stores, mobile pet salons, and more. It offers an unbeatably flexible versatility that helps ensure success in any business or enterprise.

FOTON F-Jeepney F-11
With its state-of-the-art technology, the HARABAS TM300 empowers the FOTON F-Jeepney F11’s modernized transportation goal in line with intensified efforts to advance the development of mass transportation. This unit boasts compliance with Philippine National Standard (PNS) 2126:2017 and features government-mandated accessories including CCTV camera system, GPS tracker, automatic fare collection system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and powerful air-conditioning system.

Ensuring reliable performance, the HARABAS TM300 series boasts a tough 2.2L Diesel engine that marries strong power with high fuel economy. It has a maximum torque of 22Nm at 2,000RPM and a maximum power of 87hp at 3,200RPM, enabling it to provide industry-leading performance.

The HARABAS TM300 features an ergonomically designed cabin with 10-seating capacity that boosts every trip and delivery. Combined with a rigid frame structure and a high-strength chassis, it’s capable of shouldering a 1.1-ton payload capacity, equivalent to around 1,000 delivery parcels. Available with many options, the HARABAS TM300 also comes with more body variants: MPV, Dropside and F-Van.

Giving maximum support to its customers, FOTON eyes to ensure uninterrupted drives by preventing vehicle downtimes. Through quality after-sales service and hassle-free spare parts availability, FOTON offers the most positive customer experience.

For inquiries, call your nearest FOTON dealer or sales hotline at 0999-999-9998. You may also explore and reach FOTON PH on various digital platforms via https://linktr.ee/FOTONPhilippines.

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