GCash helps enable sustainable PH digital economy

To achieve a sustainable digital economy, GCash, the country’s leading mobile wallet, strengthens its environmental, social, and government efforts while striving to achieve their vision of financial inclusion for all. This was one of the key points highlighted by GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon during Sustainability Live, a global forum bringing together industry leaders to showcase their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts.

“The pursuit of digital financial inclusion itself is already addressing sustainability as it uses more technology, digital-first service, and encourages paperless transactions. With GCash’s inclusive digital ecosystem, we create positive and transformative disruption in the Philippine financial services sector,” Sazon said.

To make a social impact, GCash helps Filipinos stay connected and have safer, easier, and better lives through its wide and inclusive digital ecosystem of products and partners. GCash users are able to access its many convenient payments functions, such as the Pay Bills and Send Money features. GCash also offers insurance via the GInsure feature, investments through GInvest, a savings account through the GSave feature, and an online shop for essentials and more via the GLife feature.

“At GCash, we take extra steps and go beyond to utilize our resources and join our customers in realizing our sustainability vision. All these initiatives serve as a start for GCash to help enable a digital economy in the country. We look forward to further enhancing our solutions and bringing these closer to more Filipino consumers to make their lives easier and better,” Sazon said

For its environmental efforts, GCash capitalizes on technology to contribute and raise awareness for sustainability and environmental conservation. With its offerings, GCash has helped over 55 million Filipinos to go digital for transactions, such as making bank deposits, which helps the subscribers decrease their carbon footprint as well.

Through GForest, a sustainability feature on the GCash app, users can help plant trees to fight climate change. With this feature, users are rewarded with green energy points that they can use to plant a virtual tree, which GCash, in turn, plants a real tree. Since 2019, we have 10M million users or “green heroes” have joined the cause, planting more than one million trees nationwide.  This also means that we have saved over 21B grams of Carbon emissions which is equivalent energy to fuel 25 trips around the globe.

In terms of its governance efforts, GCash has provided comprehensive and relevant services that cater to each customer’s various needs, especially in times of crisis. During the pandemic, GCash was one of the first financial institutions to collaborate with various government sectors to distribute aid to still unbanked Filipinos, especially in remote areas, by providing safe, seamless, transparent, and convenient ways of transacting through the app.

“Since the pandemic started, we have worked various government units to distribute over PHP16.3 billion to over 2.4 million Filipino beneficiaries in just a few days. Beyond the speed, we made Filipinos place even more trust on mobile wallets, especially GCash, by giving them transparency in our operations,” Sazon added 

GCash will continue to innovate to make financial services accessible, provide financial freedom for the underserved and still unbanked Filipinos, and make a more sustainable world for all.

Filipinos can download the GCash app for free on Google Play or the Apple Store.

For more information, visithttps://www.gcash.com.

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