FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) has turned over 300 FOTON trucks to one of the leading logistics companies in the country, YTO Express Philippines. The acquisition of 300 FOTON trucks is part of efforts from YTO Express to realize a sizable boost in mobility and logistics for the benefit of both the consumer and the national economy. The strengthened fleet is expected to enable substantially faster and more efficient delivery of goods and services to Filipino consumers.

The official turnover was held on April 18, Easter Monday, at the FOTON Assembly Plant in Clark Pampanga. Gracing the official turnover event were executives from both FOTON Motor Philippines Inc. and YTO Express Philippines, led by FMPI/UAAGI President Erroll E. Dueñas, YTO Express Philippines Technology Group Corp. CEO Andrew Cai, YTO Express Philippines Technology Group Corp. CFO Susan Cai, YTO Express Philippines Technology Group Corp. CTO Jelly Lee, YTO Express Philippines Technology Group Corp. CMO Jon Xu, and YTO Express Philippines Technology Group Corp. COO Sam Zhang.

“For over a decade, we have been committed to strengthening national mobility by providing dependable commercial vehicles for multiple industries—in public transportation, agriculture, infrastructure—and now we are propelling e-commerce and delivery services,” says FMPI President Erroll E. Dueñas.

According to data from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI), FOTON is the country’s No. 3 bestselling truck brand for 2021. It is also the first Chinese automotive brand to break into the prestigious and highly competitive Top 10 car brands in the Philippines, a feat it achieved just a few years ago.  

YTO Express Philippines has developed its trust in FOTON, leading to further close collaboration and solidification of the partnership. YTO Express Philippines is acquiring a fleet composed of 300 units of the FOTON Tornado M4.2C and FOTON M2.6C F-van.

Embodying versatility combined with proven dependability, the FOTON Tornado tyrucks have been empowering businesses from big corporations to small and medium enterprises. Powered by an internationally recognized 3.8L ISF Cummins engine, the trucks produce a maximum power output of 154 hp at 2,600 rpm and 500 Nm of torque from 1,200 to 1900 rpm—offering solid strength for delivering products across cities.

The FOTON Tornado M Series trucks highlight a reliable powertrain and long-lasting durability as they are built with world-class automotive parts and German technology from world-class suppliers such as Bosch, Wabco, Daimler, Exedy, Continental, and ZF, endowing them with the capabilities and qualities of a truly dependable logistics expert.

“As we continue our journey to ever-better commercial vehicles and after-sales services, we come closer to perfecting the whole commercial vehicles ownership experience through extensive service, intensified customer support, and automotive technological breakthroughs. With all of us at YTO Express and FOTON Philippines working unwaveringly together, we are optimistic that a great and successful future awaits us all,” says FMPI Vice President for Sales and Marketing Levy Santos.

With a relentless commitment to innovation, FOTON offers game-changing programs and promos to intensify its after-sales service that comes with a wide selection of benefits from performance, convenience, safety, technology, and even affordability.

FOTON EC Parts boasts hassle-free parts availability, storing large quantities of spare parts as many as 65,000 line items on a 4,100-square meter dedicated area exclusive for storing FOTON spare parts.

FOTON PH currently has dealerships strategically located at different points of the country, equipped and ready to provide necessary services to every customer.

For inquiries, call your nearest FOTON dealer or sales hotline at 0999-999-9998.You may also explore and reach FOTON PH on various digital platforms via https://linktr.ee/FOTONPhilippines.


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